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Help - Ayuda

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Accessing a course

Steps to access a course in the Aula virtual.

To start session

How to access the course

There are two ways:

  • First option:
    • On the right of the homepage, you will find a block called "Navigation".
    • Look for the link "My courses".
    • Click on "My courses" and the system will display the short name of the course you are enrolled, for example "B2".
    • Click on the short name of your course and the program will display in the central panel of your monitor the contents of the course.


  • Second option:
    • Below on the homepage, you will find the name of the course and its description under the title "My courses".
    • Click on the name of the course, for example "Español para intermedios B2" in order to access the complet contents of the course.


How to access a videoconference

  • Look for the topic corresponding to your class in the course content.
  • Click on "Videoconferencia"

Image 1

  • Click on "Join Meeting"

Image 2

  • A new window will display. Choose the option "Enter as a Guest".
  • Enter your name and click on "Enter Room".

Image 3


Activating the microphone and webcam

Allowing access to the camera and microphone.

Permiso para la cámara y el micrófono

Share webcam video

The meeting host may ask you to use your webcam to share video. When this is the case, a button enabling you to share your webcam will appear on the video pod. To share your camera, make sure your web cam is plugged in and click the Share My Webcam button. Adobe Flash may prompt you for permission. After granting permission, a webcam video preview appears. If you’re happy with the preview, click Start Sharing to share your video with all participants.


Adobe Connect - Jumpstart for participants